Published Jul 20, 2017
Made withConstruct 2


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I love this concept and your color scheme.  I'm not sure if the dragon is suppose to die or not, but it makes it hard to win. Good game, otherwise!

It's hard to use wasd and the space bar with the same hand while using the mouse with the other. Maybe make the rainbow happen when you click?

Instructions need clarification? (Dragon isn't mentioned. Also, separating it into separate Text objects and sentences might help clarify it.) Mention that shooting rainbows at dragons freezes them for a second, for example. Can you kill the dragons? Not sure (but this can be clarified in extended directions.)

Also, instead of having the candy disappear when the unicorn flees (which is surprising and unexpected), what about losing all your candy (in addition to a health point) when you are hit by a dragon or its fire? (It would be like the dragon eating or burning up your candy.) 

if you win and die both actions spawn

needs better instructions.

Destroy dragon on congratulations. Because the dragon could still shoot you after you win then you lose will appear.

The game continues even after you win.

end of game end all actions

Liked the concept and the layout! Maybe you could switch the shoot function from the spacebar to mouse. Also, rainbow counter and more dragons! I liked the fact the dragon follows us! Also, I missed some kind of effect when we hit the unicorn, like something that would tell us that we are progressing (besides the tamed %). really good job!  

You can still die even if you win and the instructions don't explain the dragons or how to stop them.

Add some ammo for the rainbows the characters shoot. Also, make the dragon able to die, but there should be more on screen.